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Coremail Deluxe: Huawei Cloud Edition (BYOL)


Coremail Deluxe: Huawei Cloud Edition is a high-speed and stable enterprise mail system for small and medium-sized customers. It has the basic mail system function, which can realize global mail and all-terminal interconnection, aiming to lead the ultimate collaborative office experience and provide a new way of mail service.
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Running Environment
Aug 15, 2019
Coremail Deluxe can enhance the data security isolation performance of enterprises to a certain extent, which plays an important role in maintaining and improving the brand image of the enterprise, strengthening the effective management within the enterprise and the ultimate office experience. Coremail Deluxe is a professional enterprise email with many excellent features:
1.High speed and Stable
Coremail Deluxe is built with the latest version of the mail system. It can be used with the latest features, and it has been enhanced by security. It has passed the strict safety test evaluation of the company, and the products are safer and professional-grade equipment. High speed stability.
2.Global mail
Coremail Deluxe adopts overseas forwarding 2.0 to ensure global access. At the same time, it also provides acceleration nodes in different overseas regions (the backbone network data centers of multiple network operators) to ensure the speed of overseas transmission and reception.
3.Safe and reliable
Coremail Deluxe adopts professional anti-spam and anti-virus technology, which can accurately filter and block spam and virus mail, and has a server security certificate issued by the server security certification authority, usitheng SSL mail encryption communication function, and mail communication process for users. Encryption is carried out throughout the process to ensure the security of operations and email security for enterprise users (administrators and mailbox users).
4.Full terminal interconnection
After purchasing the Coremail Deluxe, Coremail automatically opens the Lunkr Client for customers , mobile office, can send and receive emails anytime, anywhere, to meet a variety of work scenarios, allowing you to easily enjoy the office mobile Internet, equipped with the latest smart mobile templates, providing a new UI And interaction, so that users feel the unique mail mobile receiving and receiving experience,client plug-in can achieve OUTLOOK or FOXMAIL synchronization.
5.Rich mail system features
Coremail Deluxe has rich user functions, intelligent and convenient management functions, collaborative office functions and mailbox security functions, designed to give customers the ultimate email system experience.
(Coremail Deluxe is powered by Coremail Hong Kong Company Limited who will provide the offline deployment for you.)


  • High speed and stable
  • Global mail
  • Safe and realiable
  • Full terminal interconnection
  • Ultimate collaborative office experience


AP-Hong Kong

  • AP-Hong Kong

500 users

  • 500 users


  • Pay-per-use

The table below shows the pricing of the image and infrastructure hosted in the selected region. An ECS flavor with a star mark is recommended.

  • ECS Flavor Name
  • vCPUs | Memory
  • System Disk
  • SoftwareUSD/hour
  • ECSUSD/hour
  • TotalUSD/hour

The prices above are subject to change.


User Guide

Support Range

After-sales service time: 8:00~22:00 every day (GMT+08:00 Hong Kong Time)
After-sales service content: mail technical problem consultation, emergency response
Service hotline: 86-4008882488 VIP 86-13503095422
Service email:

End User License Agreement

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Customer Case

BMW Brilliance (China) Co., Ltd.

As a world-renowned automobile manufacturer, BMW Brilliance (China) Co., Ltd. has more than 100 4S dealerships in mainland China. There is a very high demand for domestic and overseas mailing of corporate mailboxes. For the needs of BMW Brilliance (China), Coremail is responsible for sending and receiving e-mails through overseas two-way servers, ensuring that users can also use Coremail to discuss and send e-mails to and from overseas, and at the same time, different telecom operators in China. The backbone network data center is set up with servers and dual-pass servers to ensure high-speed mail delivery in all regions of the country. In order to ensure that the distribution stores of Brilliance BMW (China) Co., Ltd. in all parts of the country can send and receive mail quickly and steadily. Coremail's corporate email uses anti-spam system Anti-spam GT in anti-spam technology. Technology has effectively solved the problem of spam nuisance.

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