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Deepcam AISHOP smart retail solution is a retail industry focused AI+IOT SAAS platform that addresses the business needs such as business intelligence and security.
AISHOP can be used to measure foot traffic, profile of visitors, dwell time, heatmap, and frequency of repeat visitors across a large number of stores in a chain. It comes with alerts for VIP and staff attendance.
AISHOP can also be used to pro-active retail loss prevention, private safety and vide monitoring applications. It provides suspect behavior analysis, path replay, shoplifter discovery and alerts of shoplifters.
AISHOP employs world-class large-scale facial recognition algorithms in unconstrained retail environments. It can be easily scaled up to a large number of devices and process a very large number of data efficiently and cost effectively.
AISHOP supports a large number of edge computing devices such as AI cameras, Android digital signage, and anti-robbery access control.
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Business Intelligence
Jun 06, 2019
AISHOP is an AI+ IoT +Big Data system providing a complete edge computing devices to cloud end to end solution for retail industry. It combines various cameras and IoT sensors with efficient AI algorithms (face detection, facial recognition and multiple face attributes recognition) and big data analysis. This enables multi-dimensional big data analysis on the conversion rate, and customer profiles, helping users tag online members with offline customers and cut losses. It can also be used for small business and home security to keep track of the person lingering around the premise.

Core Functions:
• Real-time face capture and recognition with low latency
• Accurate foot traffic with multi-attributes (age, gender, wear hat, wear glasses, etc)
• Find repeat visitors and their path
• Find same person across a large number of stores in a chain
• VIP alert
• Shoplifter alert
• Share same VIP and shoplifter database across chain
• Real time remote video reviewing
• It comes with web app, iOS, and Android app.

The app complements the Administrative portal account for the AISHOP deepcam solution and allows some of the functions of the Admin portal to be viewed or performed via this mobile device app. Functions such as
– view a list of faces that have been processed from each camera
– filter faces by camera
– filter faces by subject type
– receive report updates from edge devices
– receive notifications and alerts
– Wi-Fi connection information to help set up devices
– Photos, Media, Files used to take and store camera snapshots

Some of the features of the app will require opt in permission from your mobile device to be selected before they can be used.


  • Support wide range of devices: AISHOP supports different form factors of face capture cameras, face capture robot, Android digital signage, IOT sensors, anti-robbery access control tablets, and on-premises alert terminal.
  • Cutting-edge large pose and obstructed facial recognition: In unconstrained retail environments, person may wear hat, sunglasses or mask. To do facial recognition on these faces, it will require extra steps removing the obstruction, and reconstructing the face. AISHOP uses Deepcam ’s facial recognition algorithms that take great care of these cases for accurate face matching.
  • Customized Visual Dashboard: Support customized visual dashboard to show real time faces, heatmap, staff attendance, and foot traffic versus time.



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Time: 7 x 24 hours (GMT+08:00 Hong Kong Time)
Warranty period: 1 year

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Customer Case

National Pharma

Backgroud: AVERAGE American Shrink Locations
ORC impact
• Shelf sweeps have ceased
LP Staff Reduction: Half-time position eliminated by process automation and shrink reduction
Robbery: None. (2 competing stores within 4 blocks experienced armed robbery)
Staff Comments: Store Manager: Shelf sweeps that happened frequently are now extremely rare.

Starting Scenario : ORC in a chaotic environment
• Shrink 3-10 x average
• 15 repeat per ps, 5-14 visits per week each. Average haul $50-$300
•Regular shelf sweeps of batteries, clock radios, watches, razor blades, electronics, cough, cold and cosmetics
90 days later:
•Repeat perps rarely visit
•ORC theft dramatically reduced,case preparation, prosecution not required
Staff Comments: REGIONAL MANAGER: We have trained the evil 20 to go somewhere else.
HEAD OF AP: Retail in Real-time is fundamentally changing our processes and dramatically impacting our bottom line

China Mobile Retail Outlets

Deepcam provides AISHOP platform for China Mobile to measure the custom profiles of China mobile retail outlets. The data has been used to determine the performance of each individual outlet.

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