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Fleet Management System

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CHAINWAY TSP fleet management:cloud service based on risk management.
With professional fleet management service in “ safe, save, efficient”3 main aspects and a scientific management system including management procedures and KPI system, ChainwayTSP owns a closed-loop fleet management operation system, which will strictly follow the fleet management procedure to enable.
The most value of the fleet management, save and save.
Improvement of risk management level by reducing the accident rate.
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May 30, 2019
Chainway TSP system can precisely, and effectively manage the enterprise vehicles, regulate vehicle usage, impro vevehicle usage efficiency, optimize service, ensure the vehicle safety. By the functions of vehicle usage, vehicles maintenance, driver management, costs management, etc, fleet managers and vehicle users can view and manage vehicle data on their own rights.
Through the data collection of person,vehicles, roads, environment information, insurers are available to stagedifferentiated analysis to individuals. Based on actual driving activity,customized discount could be provided. Through the information stored,processed, big data analysis, telematics solution provides the capability for insurer to prevent risk, response risk, treat risk, to make risk managementfrom negative to positive, so that to reducing the risk of accidents and claims costs effectively. Insurers could provide various value-added service,customize insurance products based on risk, expand service contents and mode,improve service quality, strengthen the relationship between insurer andcustomer, improve customer’s satisfaction and loyalty, decrease the losing rateand keep the reclaim.
Telematics service platform can be also served to auto dealers as telematics service platform and marketing platform. Auto dealers could provide better services, strengthen current business andprovide value-added service to make better sales and satisfaction.


  • 1.1 Safe: System can remind drivers by smart phone to be careful and away from accidents when they are in bad driving behavior.
  • 1.2 Save: System provides fuel consumption statistics report forlogistics companies. It helps logistics companies to save fuel cost and reduceoperation cost through analyzing transportation time, mileage and drivingbehavior. Optimize driving behavior: when driver has bad drivingbehavior, system can remind driver to improve driving behavior to reduce fuelcost.
  • 1.3 Efficient: Whether you are always suffering from private use of corporatevehicles, fake expense invoice and low delivery efficiency? System providesdetailed report. Company can check real-time vehicle running data to improvevehicle usage efficiency.
  • 1.4 Risk Management: System will collect drivers’ various driving dataincluding over speed, harsh acceleration, harsh deceleration, harsh turn,fatigue driving, impact, rollover and mileage etc.
  • 1.5 Value-added service: Anti-theft alarm, Emergency rescue, Maintenance reminding


Fleet Management System

  • Fleet Management System


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Customer Case

Customer Case

The Coca-Cola team mainly distributes urban beverages. Due to the lack of scientific management and the complicated road conditions in Chongqing, the traffic environment is poor, etc., resulting in continuous traffic accidents. In 2015, the number of accidents occurred in 19; in 2016,after the risk management cloud service was adopted, the number of accidentsdecreased by 68.4%, and the number of business-related safety accidents waszero.The amount of security incident claims decreased from 650,000in 2015 to 30,000 in 2016, and the amount of claims was reduced by 95%.The average driving score of the team achieved steady growth,which ultimately led to a driving score of 80 points for the entire team and a 34% drop in poor driving behavior.

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