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AnyShare Cloud EFSS service(BYOL)


Brief Introduction: AnyShare Cloud, a typical EFSS service mode, not only provide professional solutions for accessing, sharing, storage, and data management, but also offer custom services according to demands of users.
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Enterprise Applications
Aug 29, 2019
Application Scenarios
• File synchronization across multiple device
• Data backup to prevent data loss
• Centralized data storage, share and collaborate conveniently
• Secure controls for enterprise internal documents
• Cross-region data sharing
• Anywhere access
• Internal data sharing and team collaboration
• Shared links make it easy to send content to the external users

For more information, please visit EISOO’s website
If you have any product inquiries, please contact EISOO’s customer service team(+86-4008-216-055, +86-021-31827697,

Product Features
Secure Document Management Center
1)Unified management: Build a unified storage platform AnyShare Cloud, where massive document data can be stored
2)Granular permissions: 8 granular permissions, that is Display, Preview, Download, Create, Modify, Delete, Deny and Owner, make some restrictions on document access, sharing and collaboration, highly ensuring your data security
3)Encrypted file transfer: HTTPS help enterprise keep away from the fear of data loss and potential threats

Efficient and Convenient Collaboration
1)Localized operations: Support file locking mechanism, file will be locked upon opening, and it will auto unlock on closed.
2)Shared link:Support to share both inside or outside of your team just in a URL, improving the office efficiency of your team.
3)Public share and full-text search: Quickly find the content you want.

Save on Costs
1)Public cloud: No need to invest in IT infrastructure; Less or no cost in IT personnel.
2) Easy to scale and migrate: With high scalability, AnyShare cloud will offer user with the flexibility to manage their quota.

Application Guide
Only mirroring is free in this product. If you want full feature of it, you should purchase cloud server, cloud database, object storage and user license (Recommended configuration as follows)
 License 50 Users
 Cloud Server Configuration(centOS 7.4) 8GB/2Core sys40G cache 100G 5M
 Cloud Database Configuration(MySQL 5.7) 1C2G 60GB
 Object Storage Purchase on demand

After you purchase the product, Eisoo's customer service team will contact you via email within 2 working days to assist you in deploying and using AnyShare Cloud. You can also contact Eisoo directly by phone or email (+86-4008-216-055, +86-021-31827697,
To get after sales service support, please send your questions to or dial +86-4008-801-569. EISOO support team will contact you to solve the problems very first time.


  • Secure Document Management Center Efficient and Convenient Collaboration Save on Costs


AP-Hong Kong

  • AP-Hong Kong
  • AP-Singapore

AnyShare Cloud mirror for HongKong

  • AnyShare Cloud mirror for HongKong


  • Pay-per-use

The table below shows the pricing of the image and infrastructure hosted in the selected region. An ECS flavor with a star mark is recommended.

  • ECS Flavor Name
  • vCPUs | Memory
  • System Disk
  • SoftwareUSD/hour
  • ECSUSD/hour
  • TotalUSD/hour

The prices above are subject to change.


User Guide

Support Range

Hours of operation: 5* 8hours(GMT+08:30)
Item: Installation and deployment, 5*8hours(GMT+08:30)service hotline supports, email support, website support, remote technical support, system upgrade services
Hotline: +86-4008-801-569
QQ: 4008801569

End User License Agreement

Ordering this application means that you agree to the terms and conditions listed in theEnd User License Agreement (EULA).

Customer Case

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