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TrustAsia OV Pro SSL Certificate


The TrustAsia Enterprise Professional SSL certificate is a domestic security certificate brand launched by TrustAsia, supported by the international well-known CA issuing authority, DigiCert, providing the highest standard encryption and encryption levels in the industry.
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Aug 21, 2019
TrustAsia OV SSL certificate:
TrustAsia organization validation (OV) SSL certificate, Chinese for TrustAsia organization verification SSL certificate, or TrustAsia enterprise SSL certificate, is a global unified identity authentication standard of the high-end SSL certificate. Can provide the highest SHA256 bit encryption algorithm to ensure your users online transactions and online shopping security, can only play the role of website information encryption, but also to prove the true identity of the site, so that users fully trust your website.

TrustAsia OV SSL supports single domain name, multi-domain name, wildcard multiple versions.

strict enterprise identity information verification;
ECC&RSA dual algorithm support;
whole process technical support service;
Asian integrity certificate security scheme;

applicable objects:
enterprise website, e-commerce website, electronic post office server, APP distribution download that also meets the requirements of iOS, Google, must use https secure connection.


  • MySSL Enterprise Edition Monitoring Service
  • Faster ECC encryption algorithm
  • Chinese domain name and information support
  • TrustAsia 24/7 Customer Support.
  • Safety monitoring signature


TrustAsia OV Pro SSL Certificate

  • TrustAsia OV Pro SSL Certificate


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Auto renewal duration of yearly order is 1 year.
Auto renewal duration of monthly order is 1 month.

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Support Range

After-sales service system
01 after-sale hotline service:
technical hotline: +86-400-880-8600, +86-18916822880
technical support email:
provides response and service
02 work order system service:
tracking problems through service hotlines and mail, faster and more transparent
one-to-one customer service. More professional
03 resident support service:
to key customers, provide dedicated resident support

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