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aelf is a versatile business blockchain platform powered by cloud computing. aelf Is the neural network system for businesses, transforming the way you manage your data and deliver your services. By laying the fundamental blockchain infrastructure, aelf enables your business to focus on building your own DAPPS on your own chains with minimum effort. Acting as the master key, aelf unlocks the potential for inter-business communication and collaboration through multichain structure, supported by fluid cross-chain communication. Incorporating modern technologies such as cloud nodes and parallel processing, aelf is the blockchain system that achieves secure transactions at commercial scale.

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aelf Enterprise Blockchain

aelf Enterprise 0.9.0 is a one-stop blockchain solution that includes a fully developed blockchain system, development kits, and documentations along with supporting infrastructure and services. We believe that this brings us one step closer to helping enterprises and developers build powerful applications on aelf with seamless ease.

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