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DEEPCAM HONG KONG LIMITED provides edge computing to cloud computing AI+IOT+Big Data solutions. Core team members from CMU, Michigan, and other top universities. Deepcam IP includes face detection, face tracking, face recognition, pedestrian detection, object detection, pose and OCR, etc. It has billions of faces, and can do face recognition even when face is obstructed or masked. Deepcam IOT+AI solutions cover public safety, access control, smart community, smart retail and smart home applications.

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AISHOP Smart Retail Solution

Deepcam AISHOP smart retail solution is a retail industry focused AI+IOT SAAS platform that addresses the business needs such as business intelligence and security. AISHOP can be used to measure foot traffic, profile of visitors, dwell time, heatmap, and frequency of repeat visitors across a large number of stores in a chain. It comes with alerts for VIP and staff attendance. AISHOP can also be used to pro-active retail loss prevention, private safety and vide monitoring applications. It provides suspect behavior analysis, path replay, shoplifter discovery and alerts of shoplifters. AISHOP employs world-class large-scale facial recognition algorithms in unconstrained retail environments. It can be easily scaled up to a large number of devices and process a very large number of data efficiently and cost effectively. AISHOP supports a large number of edge computing devices such as AI cameras, Android digital signage, and anti-robbery access control.

SaaS on Windows/Linux/Other | Version V2.0
$300.00 USD/year